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Quotes when you need them.

We work hard at competing for fair value contracts.

When you request a quote from PMT, we can guarantee that it will be coming from a highly experienced staff member. We will get it to you as fast as we possibly can. We have dealt with virtually every type of aerospace procurement need since 1994 – including space shuttle components. So our learning curve is short.

We value your time as much as you do. And we want you to have a positive experience from pre-award right through to final contract. You will appreciate our professional contract management system, our audited performance to delivery deadline as well as our attention to detail in all things financial.

Plus, you will have the opportunity to critique our performance with an after sales customer survey.
Because we want to know that you are happy with our work.

“You’re not just a part number to us”

No challenge is too big.

Just ask us.

As a full-service CNC machine shop we are capable of taking on any machining challenge right from the preliminary drawing stage. We could pursue the big long run jobs but our preference is really in the short run, small order contracts. Even one-off parts.

We would rather demonstrate our machining artistry, materials traceability, attention to detail and quick turnaround than an ability to crank out parts by the thousands.

Because at PMT, less really is more. And the tougher the better.

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Request a quote for a part you need.

We pride ourselves in being customer focused and super responsive to any request.

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