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Crafting aerospace parts since 2000.

We have been growing every year.

PMT was founded in 1994 in a 10’ X 10’ room in San Antonio by three key people – all of whom are still managing the company with their combined 70 years of experience. Our vision was to ultimately build an aerospace parts manufacturing company that employed the latest in CNC technology and software.

With rapid customer response and service at an equally high priority. Today PMT operates out of nearly 30,000 sq. ft. facility on 2.25 acres conveniently located near the San Antonio International Airport.

“. . . these components really up your CNC game”

Proud to be a part of these legacy aircraft.

From KC135’s to the Space Shuttle.

Since our first orders as a small aerospace subcontractor, one of our primary objectives was to provide aerospace and aircraft components that were in complete compliance with contractual and customer requirements. So we designed a product manufacturing system guaranteeing precision, quality and reliability. No matter what altitude our customer’s aircraft would be flying.

The proof of our high quality standards is reflected in the sophisticated, multi-axis components we have milled, turned or fabricated for these amazing American legacy military aircraft.




A-10 160D412023-31&32 Door Hinge
B-52 67E25249-1 Door Hatch
C-130 374091-1 Elevator Torque Tube
C-5 4C27096-105A Track Assembly
C-5 4F55252-108D Logistic Rail Assembly
C-5 4F55325-111A Lock Fitting
F-5/T-38 6-76013-1 Tow Bar
F-15 68A550853-2007 Air Fuel Probe
F-16 16K0543-3 Bell Crank
KC-135 458-52293-525 Air Cond. Duct Assembly
KC-135 5-97226 Pulley Groove
KC-135 65-11682-10 Track Fan Reverser
KC-135 9-55628-501 Pin Wing Attaching


Visit ILS for PMT’s procurement history.

We have completed thousands of successful component contracts.

The aircraft and component parts you see above are a very small sample of the parts we have manufactured or currently have in inventory.

Please visit the ILS database for our complete procurement history and on-hand inventory.

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