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From concept to on time delivery.

Discover our wide range of component expertise.

Since 2000, the company has produced a wide range of high tolerance airframe and structural component parts – often from scratch. These parts include but are not limited to landing gear, wing structures and airframe components.

More importantly, PMT has delivered these parts religiously on or before deadline. Because we understand that down time is not good time.

And our reputation stands on timely delivery – now fully audited by the AS9100D standard.

“. . . it’s all about accuracy.”

5-axis machining and more.

We grew up with CNC advancements.

CNC machining began to significantly change the face of the aerospace industry in the early 1970’s. Computer Numeric Control took a lot of the guesswork out of machining and significantly reduced tolerance errors and waste. Where machinists in the past needed to be creative, with CNC they now need to be much more disciplined. And the Quality Management Systems had to be ramped up to make up for these changing dynamics – not the least of which was a workforce with declining traditional machining skills.

With continued advances in both CNC hardware and software, Quality Control at all levels is the new norm. Machine operators today must have programming skills to operate an increasingly complex array of machines. Just take a look at our list of our new, HAAS equipment milling and turning equipment. (link to page).

These major investments in technology are going to put PMT in the forefront of computer-aided aerospace manufacturing. And our new AS9100D certification is going to ensure that we stay there.

PMT is a HAAS machine shop.

All our CNC machines are developed and built in California, USA. We rely on the HAAS brand for our high tolerance turning and milling capability up to and including 5-axis milling. Equally important to us is the constant software upgrades that our suppliers makes available to us.

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