DMG MORI DMF 360/11 Linear

The DMG Mori DMF 360/11 Linear represents the pinnacle of vertical machining excellence, crafted by DMG Mori. This impressive machine is a testament to precision and productivity. With its advanced linear drive technology, the DMF 360/11 Linear offers exceptional acceleration and rapid traverse rates, ensuring swift and efficient machining operations. Its rigid construction and high-performance spindle enable precise and reliable cutting performance. The DMF 360/11 Linear boasts a generous work envelope, allowing for versatility and accommodating a wide range of workpieces. Equipped with user-friendly controls and intelligent features, this machine is designed to maximize efficiency and deliver superior machining results. The DMG Mori DMF 360/11 Linear is a true embodiment of innovation and excellence in vertical machining.



Travels S.A.E
X Axis 142 in
Y Axis 43 in
Z Axis 35 in
Rapid Traverse X-axis 3150 ipm
Rapid Traverse Y-axis 3150 ipm
Rapid Traverse Z-axis 3150 ipm
Max. Spindle Speed 10,000 rpm
Max. Spindle Power 80 HP
Max. Spindle Torque 304 ft-lbf
Tool Taper HSK-A100


Table Length 165 in
Table Width 43 in
Maximum Workpiece weight 11,023 lbs