Doosan DNM 4000

The Doosan DNM 4000 is a compact and powerful vertical machining center (VMC) manufactured by Doosan Machine Tools. This machine strikes a perfect balance between size, precision, and performance. Despite its small footprint, the DNM 4000 delivers exceptional machining capabilities with precise accuracy and efficiency. Its robust construction ensures reliable and precise cutting performance. With user-friendly controls and intuitive features, the DNM 4000 simplifies operation and enhances productivity. The Doosan DNM 4000 is the ideal choice for manufacturers seeking a compact VMC that delivers outstanding results and unmatched quality.


Travels S.A.E
X Axis 20.5 in
Y Axis 15.7 in
Z Axis 18.9 in
Rapid Traverse X-axis 1889 ipm
Rapid Traverse Y-axis 1889 ipm
Rapid Traverse Z-axis 1889 ipm
Max. Spindle Speed 12000 rpm
Max. Spindle Power 25 HP
Max. Spindle Torque 87 ft-lbs
Tool Taper CAT 40
Table Length 25.6 in
Table Width 15.7 in
Maximum Workpiece weight 882 lbs