The HAAS VF-5 stands as a formidable and versatile vertical machining center, commanding attention with its exceptional capabilities. Built with unwavering precision and durability, this powerhouse machine boasts a generous work envelope and impressive spindle speeds, making it a top choice across diverse industries. Its intuitive control system and streamlined interface provide an effortless programming and operation experience, allowing operators to unleash their creativity with ease. With its rigid structure and advanced features, the VF-5 achieves remarkable precision and impeccable surface finishes. From rapid prototyping to high-volume production, the HAAS VF-5 sets a new standard for excellence, pushing the boundaries of what vertical machining centers can achieve.

Capabilities and Products

Travels S.A.E
X Axis 50 in
Y Axis 26 in
Z Axis 25 in
Rapid Traverse X-axis 710 ipm
Rapid Traverse Y-axis 710 ipm
Rapid Traverse Z-axis 710 ipm
Max. Spindle Speed 8100 rpm
Max. Spindle Power 30 HP
Max. Spindle Torque 90 ft-lbf
Tool Taper CAT 40


Table Length 54 in
Table Width 24 in
Maximum Workpiece weight 4000 lbs